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Every morning at work seems to start off the same. You spend at least 5 minutes logging into every account you’ll need to get your job done. If you want this to go quicker, you might use the same, easy-to-remember password for every account — after all, you want quick and easy access to all your accounts. If you’ve prioritized the security of these accounts, each will be protected with a unique, complex password making the process take even longer (assuming you can remember them all). 

The most effective and simplest solution to this constant headache is to incorporate single sign-on (SSO) technology into your company’s workflow. 

What Does Single Sign-On Mean? 

SSO refers to a cloud service that contains a directory of a business’s users and apps they can access. Users sign into one portal at the start of the day and can access all of their approved applications from there. Each user receives one secure password backed by multi-factor authentication (MFA), meaning the user must provide secondary information, such as an authentication code in addition to their password. 

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Once they’ve successfully logged in, the SSO service grants the user access to their necessary work accounts — no need for them to type in their username or password again and again. SSO makes it easy for authorized users to log in to all their various services while making it very difficult for bad actors to get in.

Is Single Sign-On More Secure?

SSO is one of the best ways for startup and high-growth business owners to boost their organization’s web security. SSO services secure your information by:

  • Requiring stronger passwords: Users sometimes prioritize ease of access over security, finding that longer, safer passwords may not be as easy to remember. But, with only one password to remember, employees can more easily adjust to their new, safer SSO login information. 

  • Eliminating repeated passwords: Users access everything they need with one incredibly strong password at the start of the day, so they won’t feel as hampered by frequent logins that result in them using the same weak password for all their accounts. When one weak password is compromised, hackers gain access to all of the accounts and devices that use those same basic credentials.

  • Incorporating MFA: Multi-factor authentication strengthens SSO by requiring more than one step to log in at the start of the day. Users input their strong password, plus provide secondary login information that cyberattackers are even less likely to be able to access. 

How Else Can Single Sign-On Benefit Businesses?

In addition to enhanced security capabilities, high-growth businesses and startups experience lots of other benefits with a third-party SSO service, such as:

  • Reduced Password Storage: Because all of your user password credentials are stored in the service provider’s virtual database, your users will no longer need to remember all of their work passwords by using third-party password storage tools, or by writing them down in an insecure manner.

  • Time management: Your staff can spend less time remembering and recovering passwords and more time utilizing your vital information and accounts to get their work done. 

  • Onboarding and Offboarding: With a single push of a button you can use SSO to onboard users across dozens of applications. You can also improve security by using SSO to immediately remove a user’s access to all systems. 

With more and more valuable data moving online, the risk of cyberattacks is at an all-time high. Your startup or high-growth business must implement security solutions to ensure your valuable data and your customers’ private information is protected against breaches. Don’t let your organization be the next victim of a cyberattack.

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