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Your business is growing. With every new client you acquire and every sale you make, you move closer and closer to your goals — but you also have more data to manage. Like so many businesses today, you’ve made the switch to cloud-based computing to save storage space and boost your organization’s efficiency. While all of this growth energizes your entire staff, don’t get caught up in the moment just yet. Updated technology brings new threats — is your business prepared to meet its new enemies so you don’t become the next victim of a cyberattack? 

Carbon Black provides next-generation digital security for companies of all sizes across the globe. Their cloud-based endpoint security solutions prevent the harmful effects of cyberattacks and viruses. Integrating effective online defense strategies is crucial for any high-growth business, and Carbon Black makes virtual security simple. 

What Is VMware Carbon Black Software? 

Carbon Black works to develop endpoint security solutions for businesses trying to navigate the digital marketplace. Carbon Black’s platforms prevent advanced threats, provide actionable data and insights, and allow businesses to confidently and securely streamline their operations with technology. 


Traditional workstation security products rely on dating scanning technology where, at a scheduled time each day, the security program will scan each and every file on a workstation’s hard drive, comparing each file to a list of known threats (aka definitions) that it downloaded earlier in the day. This process is slow, time-consuming, and is only as useful the definitions list is accurate.

Carbon Black’s software is so useful because, rather than relying on these definitions, it analyzes billions of attempted and successful security breaches around the world to pinpoint attackers’ habits. Using this information, Carbon Black quickly detects and effectively combats cyberattacks by analyzing the behavior of your company’s workstations. 

The Benefits of Carbon Black

Internet security is essential for startup and high-growth organizations. Your business can benefit from implementing Carbon Black in many ways, including:

  • Enhanced security capabilities: Endpoint security allows you to detect cyberattacks and mitigate their effects with greater ease than ever before. Your business will be much more secure from online threats and well-equipped to respond when they occur. Because Carbon Black’s software monitors and collects data on cyber threats across the globe, their protection plans allow you to make the most informed decisions. 

  • Boost in productivity: Digitally secure businesses can direct their full attention towards the things that matter most. Because VMware Carbon Black uses a behavior-based approach, instead of a scanning-based approach, you won’t have to deal with a slow workstation while it tries to run a scan in the background.

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