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There are many cybersecurity measures you can take to protect data from the threats in the virtual world (malicious websites and viruses, to name a few). But what happens if someone steals your device in the physical world? 

It’s essential to make sure you are securing your company and personal information in case that worst case happens and your laptop falls into the wrong hands. By using device management software with remote wipe capability, you can help protect against unauthorized access to your private data.

Remote wipe is a security feature of many device management tools that allows the capability to erase all data from a device using a simple remote command. Using this remote wipe capability ensures that if a device is lost or stolen, any sensitive information can be removed before it can be viewed. This is also useful for wiping devices belonging to prior employees. Remote wipes can come in handy even without a security breach: before giving an existing laptop to a newly onboarded employee, you can remotely wipe all information left behind by the previous user.

How Do Remote Wipe Applications Work?

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To initiate a remote wipe, the device must be turned on and connected to the internet for the data removal software to work. Once the device is powered on and connected, the remote wipe offers several options users can choose from to erase the device’s information, such as:

  • Deleting data from all folders

  • Returning the device to factory settings

  • Overwriting stored data to prevent recovery

  • Erasing all data and applications

What a remote wipe accomplishes will depend on the type of device in question, its operating system, and any third-party software that may be on it.

Benefits of Remote Wipe Software for Small Businesses

A remote wipe is a useful feature for any device owner, but it is especially beneficial for businesses. Every organization has information it needs to keep confidential, including intellectual property, customer data, and passwords to sensitive accounts.

Make sure your business is taking advantage of the many benefits of remote wipes:

  • Protects your private information: A remote wipe ensures that all crucial data can be deleted if the device is lost or stolen.

  • Allows you to wipe any device: You can remotely wipe any electronic device with the applicable software, meaning your data is protected whether it’s on a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

  • Secures data from former employees: If you fire an employee or they quit, you can use a remote wipe command to easily remove business data from the individual’s devices.

  • Enables you to act fast: If your organization’s device has been lost or stolen, remote wipe applications allow you to respond to the threat quickly and efficiently. 

  • Prevents data from falling into the wrong hands: You can prevent your information from reaching malicious parties, such as competing businesses or former employees.

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