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Manually adding, removing, and modifying employee access can be a productivity-killer, especially for businesses like yours that are growing quickly. With user account provisioning procedures, your organization can improve its productivity, security, and team satisfaction. Implementing a user provisioning and deprovisioning process can be a game-changer for startups and small businesses.

30% of data breaches in 2020 were carried out by internal team members or recently terminated employees. User provisioning can help you take control of you employees’ access to business resources.

Let’s dive into user account provisioning and what it can mean for startups.

What Is User Provisioning and Deprovisioning?


At the most basic level, user provisioning encompasses the process of creating, managing, and removing user access to resources in a system. This process often links up with human resources (HR) systems and the different accounts users require access to, like Office 365 or Salesforce. This can happen manually or automatically, with the latter becoming more common.

Automatic provisioning pulls data directly from an HR or single sign-on (SSO) (link to SSO post) system and can automatically grant, modify, or remove a user’s access based on their role. For instance, it can detect when an employee leaves the company and quickly remove their access to internal applications. New employees can be entered into the system with an attribute for their role or department, such as “Sales,” and automatically receive access to the programs that are specific to that department.

These capabilities can do wonders for productivity, security, and error reduction.

How Startups Benefit from User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

While user provisioning and deprovisioning procedures are useful to businesses of all sizes, they can be especially helpful to startups because of their quick growth. Some of the benefits of user provisioning and deprovisioning include:

  • Easier onboarding and offboarding: Make sure you can keep up with your team’s rapid growth and that your new hires have access to everything they need from the get-go.

  • Improved security: Automated systems are a great way to ensure employee authorization stays up-to-date. They’ll remove terminated employees as needed and handle the nitty gritty aspects like user IDs. This helps reduce the risk of internal breaches (and the hefty costs that come with them).

  • Efficient user management: Provisioning and deprovisioning shouldn’t take ages to complete. An efficient system can keeps your HR team members productive, since they’ll have to spend less time on authorization tasks.

User Provisioning From Kinetix

Here at Kinetix, we’ve got plenty of experience implementing and improving user account provisioning and deprovisioning systems. We can help you improve operational security and cut the onboarding process to just a fraction of the time.

To learn more about working with Kinetix, click through our IT and security services pages or reach out to us!