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Imagine you’re an IT or Operations manager busily working on an important project that’s due the next day while juggling the normal stream of urgent issues when you get a Slack message (IN ALL CAPS!) from your CEO that they just dropped their computer and now it won’t boot. They need a computer as soon as humanly possible since they have to complete and send an investor presentation by tomorrow. What do you do?

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If you’re like most people, you’re unprepared and have to spend the day trying to figure out how to make this happen quickly. You will likely start pinging various people hoping they know where there’s a spare computer lying around but, especially with everyone working remotely, you know your chances are…remote. You scour local retail stores to see which one has an appropriate machine in stock, you scramble to get approval for the purchase, and you stress the whole time about whether you should continue looking for a spare or just buy a new one. Even after you get a computer, you still need to get it set up for the CEO. All by the delivery deadline.

What if dealing with this emergency were as easy as a couple of clicks? For clients of Kinetix’s Inventory Management Service, it is. The most important part of the service is, of course, having someone that’s responsible for making sure there are always a couple of spare computers available for emergencies, and knowing exactly where they are. Like many proactive processes in IT, it’s simple but very frequently overlooked and its absence only gets noticed when there’s an emergency. Instead of wasting the whole day stressing, the Operations manager can simply look up what machine in their inventory should be sent and place the order to have us send it out. From there, we set up the computer according to the client’s specifications and ship the computer by courier (locally in the Bay Area) or by overnight service. All by the delivery deadline.

Additionally, Kinetix’s Inventory Management Service prepares you for another kind of emergency – getting a computer sourced and set up for a new employee who is starting on short notice. We’ve seen countless examples where Operations is informed on a Thursday that a new employee is starting the following Monday. There’s no time to get a new computer delivered so someone needs to spend their day scrambling to get a computer from a local store, set it up, and ship it. Again, with an inventory of computers ready, there’s never an emergency and never wasted time; you simply notify Kinetix and we pull an already-prepared computer from inventory and ship it out.

Find out more about Kinetix’s Inventory Management Service and contact us here to get started.