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Alternatively titled: How to Learn to Stop Juggling Laptops and Love Kinetix (Even More)

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, there was much hand-wringing over whether businesses were prepared to shift to a fully-remote workforce. While many industries did struggle, our client base of mainly technology-forward, growth companies found it surprisingly smooth. Remote work isn’t ideal, but video conferencing and collaboration tools were already in wide use and most people had more trouble figuring out what do with their spare time (if they didn’t have kids) or figuring how to do a few extra jobs at the same time (if they did).

Loaner laptop meme

One thing that has remained challenging for many organizations is the handling of computer hardware. In the before times, many of our clients leaned on office managers, people ops, and sometimes execs to manage inventory, assist our techs with remote laptop configurations, hand-deliver devices to new hires on their first day, and ship computers to folks in other offices. With everyone working from home, we’ve heard many horror stories of computers stacking up in the kitchens of office managers and it takes even more time to coordinate FedEx pickups at their front doors.

Moreover, recent slowdowns in supply chains have made procurement not only a hassle, but a bad experience for new hires, who end up waiting days or weeks for their new computer while we anxiously track packages crossing the Pacific.

Enter Kinetix Inventory Management, our new service designed to ensure that no one in your company needs to handle a laptop unless they’re using it to work. We take over all aspects of laptop inventory management, including storing your devices in a secure, insured location, performing quick configurations with automated tools, handling all shipping of laptops to and from users, and coordinating repairs and upgrades, and loaners.

Just let us know which models you want us to keep in inventory and how many of each, and we’ll make sure you stay stocked and ready.

Onboarding a new hire? We’ll grab an appropriate device from inventory, set it up, and ship it directly to the user, then automatically replenish your inventory.

Offboarding someone? We’ll send them a box with a return label to ship it straight to us.

Someone needs a laptop upgrade? We’ll send them a new one with a return label to send the old one back.

Your CEO dropped their laptop and it won’t turn on? We’ll overnight them a loaner while we coordinate repairs.

We also have a thorough process for evaluating and restoring used machines we receive so we know which ones are usable and which are best for the e-cycle bin. If you want, we’ll even stock displays so your new hires can get a sweet home office setup in no time.

Kinetix Inventory Management is economical, too, with low monthly fees and transaction fees. Want to find out more? Contact us for details. Existing Kinetix clients will be migrated to this system over the next few months, but you can reach out to your Client Success Manager to get fast-tracked.