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Our new cycles may be dominated by other topics at the moment, but you’ve probably noticed that cyberattacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. Businesses are a popular target for hackers because they have insider secrets and customer data stored on their servers and workstations. Organizations that have poor cybersecurity protections in place — or none at all — run the risk of losing revenue, paying out damages, or becoming the next data breach scandal.

The cybersecurity industry is constantly growing, and firms are developing new tools and programs to protect an organization’s networks and data. At Kinetix, we have the tools and expertise to protect your startup or high-growth business from hackers. Here are some shocking network security facts that show just how dire threats are — and why it’s so important for your business to work with a professional network security partner.

How Many Cyberattacks Happen Per Year?

In 2018, there were 80,000 cyberattacks each day; more than 30 million per year. These attacks happen at an alarmingly fast rate—every 39 seconds. While financial, retail, and health care organizations are the most desirable targets for hackers, any business is at risk. Small and medium-sized businesses were actually the victims of 43% of attacks in 2018.

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The good news is that a “cyberattack” refers to both successful and unsuccessful campaigns. With tools from Kinetix in place, a hacker is less likely to get into your network. Our Security Essentials package gives you a bundle of the best tools, which are often all you need to prevent breaches.

Types of Cyberattacks by Percentage

Smaller businesses are the victim of 43% of cyberattacks because they’re more likely to have minimal protection, if any at all. These organizations face many types of attacks, but the most common are social attacks (like phishing), physical device theft, malicious software (including ransomware), and website-based attacks.

Specific cyberattack types are growing more rapidly than others. Ransomware attacks are increasing more than 350% each year, and Internet of Things (IoT) attacks were up 600% in 2017.

Kinetix knows that small, startup, and high-growth businesses may not need costly solutions when basic protections will prevent 99% of the most common attacks. Our Security Essentials package includes a suite of antivirus, network monitoring, DNS filtering, and other tools that are effective and inexpensive.

The Biggest Security Vulnerability

Though hackers threaten your security, the weakest link in your business is actually your employees. Social engineering — manipulating people into giving up confidential information — is the most popular hacking method because your employees already have access to sensitive systems. At least 95% of security breaches are caused by human error.

Kinetix addresses social engineering and human factors with user security awareness training and testing. We provide engaging online training for your users and follow up with an ongoing program of simulated phishing email campaigns. This is a very effective way to teach employees what these attacks look like, so they can learn to not become yet another victim.

Contact Kinetix to Learn More About Our Cybersecurity Protection

While these facts about cybersecurity threats may seem scary, you can trust Kinetix to provide your high-growth or startup business with the best protective tools at a cost-effective price. We provide security made simple to give your organization all the protection you need for less.

Don’t let your business become another statistic — contact Kinetix today to learn more about our Security Essentials and Advanced Security Program. Request your free security assessment to learn more about your organization’s security vulnerabilities.