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It’s easier than ever to share information with people all across the globe. But, with this great power comes great responsibility. Because it’s so easy to share information, it’s even easier for sensitive data to end up in the wrong hands, causing panic at best and a catastrophe for your organization and clients at worst. 

Don’t leave your information security to chance — partner with Kinetix to ensure you’re doing everything to keep your data safe, starting off by crafting an information security policy. Remember, information is your business’s most valuable asset.

What Is Security Policy in Information Technology?

An information security policy is a set of rules that a business enforces to make sure its network and data are secure. For this policy to be effective, all users in an organization need to be informed on what’s included and adhere to the stated guidelines. A good information security policy will include the following elements:

  1. Purpose: State the reason you’re creating a policy.

  2. Scope: Identify all of the personnel, programs, and facilities that must follow the policy.

  3. Objectives: Define the goals of your policy.

  4. Authority and access control policy: Define which positions in your organization are authorized to classify data.

  5. Data classification: Rank data according to value and establish handling procedures for each category.

  6. Responsibilities, rights, and duties of personnel: Note the employees responsible for incident response, updates, implementation, user access reviews, and education.

Why Are Information Security Policies Important to an Organization?

A basic information security policy is essential for all startups and growth companies because it:

  • Prevents and mitigates security breaches: Your policy outlines how to address potential security threats and avoid vulnerabilities in your system, which should help reduce the chances of a breach and lessen the severity of a breach if and when it does occur.

  • Helps hold individuals accountable for compliance: Your employees will know what they can and can’t do and understand the consequences of breaking the rules. If you do have to terminate an employee for malicious or negligent use of company data, the policy gives you better legal standing for doing so.

  • Protects your data from malicious users: The policies you’ve put in place will help thwart any bad actor trying to steal your data.

  • Ensures compliance: If your organization has to follow industry regulations, the policy will make sure you’re complying.

Kinetix Creates and Enforces Your Basic Information Security Policy

Creating and managing a security program is crucial for protecting the data in startup and high-growth organizations. But what good is it to have these programs and protections without rules to make sure your team knows what to do? The regulations in an information security policy can safeguard your information from getting into the wrong hands and help your business grow.

Helping companies make and maintain a solid information security policy is an important component of the comprehensive security services that Kinetix offers its clients. We have worked with over 150 startup and high-growth clients, and we’re ready to help you with your information security policy. Fill out our security risk assessment form or contact us today.