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If you work at a startup or high-growth business, make sure your team knows how important DNS filtering solutions are. Read on to find out more about DNS filtering and how Kinetix can help you gain the protection you need to secure your most important assets and information from cyberattacks.

What Is DNS Filtering?

DNS filtering solutions are security tools installed on endpoints and/or security appliances that defend your users against harm from malicious websites. You can use DNS filters to protect your business from cyberthreats such as:

  • Viruses

  • Phishing attacks

  • Spyware

  • Botnets

  • Malware

  • Ransomware

How Does DNS Filtering Work?

Short for Domain Name System, DNS is a platform that matches domain names to IP addresses, allowing users to access sites using URLs rather than having to remember lengthy IP addresses for each page they want to visit.

DNS filtering solutions are controls that detect and block suspicious websites before systems and users access those pages. The controls accomplish this by checking websites against a known database of insecure destinations. 

When you attempt to access a website, DNS filters search for that site on blocklists containing known malicious domains. If the website you’re trying to access appears on one of these blocklists, the DNS filter redirects you to a local IP address displaying a “blocked page” message rather than allowing you to access the harmful site.

Do I Need DNS Filtering? 

The short answer is “yes.” Here’s why. Cybercrimes are surprisingly common and growing at an ever-increasing rate each year. The vast majority of them are easily preventable with basic cybersecurity measures such as DNS filtering. Since there are an estimated 20 million websites (approximately 1% of all sites) classified as malicious, chances are very high that some of your users will reach some of those sites, so DNS filtering is essential to protect you in those instances.

When you implement DNS filters into your system, you can experience many valuable benefits:

  • Ensure safe internet usage: DNS filtering provides your business with security against cyberthreats, ensuring you and your employees can use the internet safely at work.

  • Protect important data: DNS filters block risky websites and programs that can infiltrate your system, safeguarding vital information and reducing the risk of significant losses.

  • Save money: DNS filters can save your organization millions of dollars by preventing costly data breaches. They can also save you money by blocking viruses that could cause damage to your devices.

  • Promote staff productivity: You can use DNS filters to enhance productivity at work by setting restrictions that prohibit your employees from accessing distracting websites, such as social media platforms, gaming sites, and shopping portals.

Secure Your Business With DNS Filtering Solutions Today

You can protect your organization from data breaches with DNS filtering solutions from Kinetix. As your one-stop-shop for cybersecurity, we carry all the tools necessary to keep your startup or small business safe from threats at the lowest prices.

Contact us to learn more about our services today.