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Two weeks ago, the world saw an 8-minute video of George Floyd being murdered. This was an indefensible act of racism, and unfortunately, it was just one example of many. We’ve been appalled by these brutal instances of bigotry and hate, which, coupled with the many voices of and stories from BIPOC, has shined a much-needed light on hidden aspects of racial injustice in our communities. We want a more just world, but we understand that this won’t be achieved without deliberate action and difficult self-reflection.  

In the midst of this cultural revolution, we at Kinetix have been grappling with how this applies to our company, our people, and our impact on the world, and it’s clear that we haven’t done enough. Our employees and our leadership are not fully reflective of society’s makeup. We have few female employees and even fewer Black employees. We say we value diversity, equity, and inclusion, but have much more to do to advance those ideals. We’ve recognized that our inequities are largely the result of avoiding the discomfort of discussing and confronting these realities—which, in itself, is a significant privilege. 

We are committed to doing better and being better, and will be taking our first steps in a few key areas:

  1. We will listen through one-on-one, company-wide, and small-group conversations.

  2. We will learn by incorporating book clubs about antiracism and other social justice literature into our learning programs for all employees.

  3. We will plan for future DEI-related emergencies to ensure we are ready to take action in a timely manner.

  4. We will get help from organizations that specialize in helping companies improve processes and practices surrounding DEI issues. 

These are only a few short-term steps and they don’t cover the important long-term work, like the necessary development of a comprehensive recruiting and promotion strategy to achieve meaningful results in diversifying our workforce and leadership team. We are a company made up of many white and otherwise privileged individuals; it is our responsibility to continuously use that privilege for good. 

Black Lives Matter.


Pratap Mukherjee, CEO
Brian Fraser, VP, Client Success
Conner Wilkinson, VP, Security and Client Strategy
Dan Huron, COO
Mark Adams, CTO
Ryan Sutton, CPO