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If there’s one thing that most of our clients have in common, it’s that they tend to grow quickly. With growth comes office moves, and this is one of the most common types of project requests we encounter.

An office move always involves at least a little pain, but one thing that is often overlooked among the many critical considerations (picking the right area, finding a broker, visiting spaces, and negotiating contracts) is the impact on technology, particularly internet access.

What Will Happen to My Internet Access During an Office Move?

While moving your network equipment to your new space is usually pretty easy, moving your internet service can take forever. Most ISPs won’t promise less than 3-6 months’ lead time for moving your service to a new location, and there’s no guarantee that your new location will be wired for your ISP. And if you choose to switch providers, you’ll often have to deal with costly early-termination fees and other restrictions.

If you’re planning on moving offices in the next 6 months, start preparing right away! This will give you enough lead time to plan ahead for ISP changes and any other unexpected logistics. If you forget until a month before move-in, expect to risk forcing employees to use mobile hotspots for a while!