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How confident are you about the security of your organization’s cloud apps? How many of your accounts use the same weak password? Have you ever found yourself locked out of a critical system minutes before an important deadline?
In today’s evolving world of information technology, more and more valuable data is being moved out of the safe confines of local networks and spread across multiple cloud-based applications. The average mid-size company now has its sensitive data shared across 91 different websites, apps, and services. Each of these systems has its own unique set of security controls, some of which may be below par. To make matters worse, users often decide on their own to create accounts with new providers and begin uploading sensitive company data without approval.
In addition to system sprawl, these various user accounts come with a lot of passwords to remember. The average business user has 25 passwords, many of which are recycled from their personal life or previous jobs, making them inherently insecure even if they’re strong on their own. Users also spend around 4 hours a year straining to remember or slogging through resetting these passwords.

How Can SSO Help My Start Up?

How do businesses control this rapidly expanding cloud security and productivity problem? The most effective tool is Single Sign-On (SSO). It’s basically a directory, like a phone book, with a list of your users and the apps they can access. Every user gets one secure password with strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) to sign into SSO, which signs them into all of their other apps. This improves security, adds convenience, and even simplifies onboarding, making an urgent termination as simple as shutting off SSO access.

After deploying SSO through OneLogin at Kinetix, we were able to secure and synchronize 18 different services. This has tremendously improved our security posture and convenience and saved the company thousands in unnecessary licensing expenses. SSO is the easiest way for any organization to make a major impact on security and productivity.